Mr. Biggz – Sisi Sinz


Welcome to Mr. Biggz, land of the 13 inch cock.  Watch as Shane Diesel fucks the newest intrigue of my life Sisi Sinz.  Shane Diesel takes his pussy destroying tree trunk sized penis and goes to work. 

My intrigue stems from Sisi Sinz look on her face of coe on bitch, that all you got.  Not the usual look of pain while being stretched to the limit with a huge cock that should be register as a concealed weapon.  Not sure where Mr. Biggz found this chick, but I want to find her again.

So those of you who can appreciate a woman like Sisi Sinz as I do, should come to Mr. Biggz with me.  There are several other women featured on this site that are sure to spark you inner curiosity and it may just be the lift you need when playing spanky and the bare nuckles.