Cock Competition

It is the craziest game show on the Internet. The Cock Competition where the contestants spin the wheel and find out how they will bring the fourteen inch cock to climax and where they will take the money shot.

While getting crammed with cock the girls try to out do each other by cramming themselves with more cock than their competition. The game gets pretty hot and the girls cool down with a couple ounces of man juice to the face.

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Mommy Loves Monster Cocks

There is just one problem with naming your kid Kylie. One day she is going to grow up and when she does she will be doing porn. Taking the monster cocks. Hey, I have no problem with porn, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna have my daughter doing it.

Kylie above is a little older than being just somebody’s daughter. She is old enough to be their mom and possibly even a grandma.

This post is going to be double posted at Rhino’s Cocks and Rhino’s MILFs. Two great blogs for your porn viewing pleasure. Mommy Loves Monster Cocks straddles two equally great niches. Watching white mature babes get ripped by black cocks several sizes larger than their twats is highly entertaining.

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Daddys Worst Nightmare


Daddys Worst Nightmare is one of those sites that tells you every thing you need to know about the site with just the the title.

Incase you can’t figure out what its all about let me fill you in. Imagine some black dude with a huge cock, that goes around looking for spoiled princesses and proceeds to fuck their pussy like crazy. That is what Daddys Worst Nightmare is all about.

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Freaks of Cock

Sometimes you join a site because because it is just so over the top you have to see it for yourself. Freaks of Cock is one of those sites. It is like 2Girls1Cup without the doo-doo.

Sir OG Mudbone pounds white bitches tight little pussies and then blows his pimp juice all over their face from his 14-inch mamba cock. What more could you want?

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2 Big To Be True – Chloe


When Chloe met the guys from, she thought they were full of shit  when they said they can give her all the big cocks she can handle.

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Taylors hot first time mega cock craver scene is sight to behold! Taylors mouth is being tested to its maximum limits. Imagine Taylor with tight pink pussy will getting beat up by this 15 inch mega cock.

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Monster Cock Junkies

There are a lot of web sites out there vying for your hard earned dollar. More and more big cock sites come out on a monthly basis. Only one site is produced by the Kings of Big Cock and that site is called Monster Cock Junkies.

Anyone can shoot porn but, Monster Cock Junkies take things to a whole new level. These guys opened their site just this year and already they have over 200 full-length big cock videos! Hardcore interracial movies of white sluts taking black cock for their first time.

What will the neighbors say?

Well, that all depends on whether they have an open mind or not. Personally I am saying, "Pipe that bitch!" But then I work in the industry.

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PornStars Like It Big


PornStars Like It Big? Of course they do. What other reason would these sluts have sex for a living. I mean sure they get paid for it, but some of these girls make peanuts.

That is why all these sluts got together and created their very own site called They have any pornstar you can think of doing nasty things with huge cocks.

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Her First Big Cock

Ahh… is there anything more precious than watching a college coed tackle her first big cock? Yes, there is! Watching that cute coed teen tackle two big cocks at once!

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Black Cravings


It looks like Jasmine is having Black Cravings again. If you don’t know what Black Cravings are then you must be living under a rock or be part of the KKK.

It is no secrete that every girl out there has wondered at least once in her life if it’s true what they say about all black guys being hung like horses. For most girls that curiosity leads to them actually going out and finding a black guy and fucking him just so see if it was true.

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Big Cocks

And here we are… Once again… Back to the same fucking question. A question that has been asked many times since the dawn of man. What is in a name?

The answer? Well, if the name is, the answer is:

A lot of meat!

From the guys with the motto, "If it’s too tight, JUST PUSH HARDER," comes a big cock site that is so in your face, it is almost disgusting. I said almost because, after you have seen as much porn as I have seen writing this blog you kind of get used to it.

In this episode a black slut gobbles up the mighty meat of Lex Steele. For those of you who don’t know Lex, he has one of the largest natural cocks in the industry. Did I say natural cocks? Like, guys get their shit worked on like chicks fuck with their boobs? Yup… And, Lex is 100% God’s gift to women. No scalpel needed.

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Is this where I add the super-size joke?

18 Inches of Pain

18 Solid Inches of Pain!

That is what this hot blonde is in for. Taking that much cock in every orifice seems like a nice idea before the encounter and these sluts keep coming back so they must crave this kind of abuse after the ordeal. But, during the sex fest you actually start feeling sorry for these ladies because 18 Inches of Pain delivers on its name.

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