Black Cravings


It looks like Jasmine is having Black Cravings again. If you don’t know what Black Cravings are then you must be living under a rock or be part of the KKK.

It is no secrete that every girl out there has wondered at least once in her life if it’s true what they say about all black guys being hung like horses. For most girls that curiosity leads to them actually going out and finding a black guy and fucking him just so see if it was true.

That now leads them to having these uncontrollable urges for a Huge Black Cock. That is where comes to play. They give these little sluts as much of that Big Black Cock as they want.

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Big Cocks

And here we are… Once again… Back to the same fucking question. A question that has been asked many times since the dawn of man. What is in a name?

The answer? Well, if the name is, the answer is:

A lot of meat!

From the guys with the motto, "If it’s too tight, JUST PUSH HARDER," comes a big cock site that is so in your face, it is almost disgusting. I said almost because, after you have seen as much porn as I have seen writing this blog you kind of get used to it.

In this episode a black slut gobbles up the mighty meat of Lex Steele. For those of you who don’t know Lex, he has one of the largest natural cocks in the industry. Did I say natural cocks? Like, guys get their shit worked on like chicks fuck with their boobs? Yup… And, Lex is 100% God’s gift to women. No scalpel needed.

At Big Cocks well hung black men tear up the pretty pink pussies of white chicks. Blonde white chicks. Occasionally there are no white chicks crazy enough to impale themselves on these black spears of man meat so they take the first crazy bitch available. Hence the gallery above.

Members get weekly updates and membership to their network of taboo sites. Everything is covered. Interracial, gagging, fisting, drunk girls, monster cocks, midgets (yes, little people need love too!)… You name it and these fuckers are filming it.

With so many sites you get daily updates. Some days you are getting more than one update. With three Big Cock sites you have something familiar all week long. With the other niches you have spice to add to your meal.

Is this where I add the super-size joke?

18 Inches of Pain

18 Solid Inches of Pain!

That is what this hot blonde is in for. Taking that much cock in every orifice seems like a nice idea before the encounter and these sluts keep coming back so they must crave this kind of abuse after the ordeal. But, during the sex fest you actually start feeling sorry for these ladies because 18 Inches of Pain delivers on its name.

Each week a petite white chick take on the guys at 18 Inches of Pain and each week it is the guys who cum out on top… the bottom… the sides… and everywhere else imaginable!

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Black Cravings – Sandy


With thick gooy cum shots like that its no wonder why all these white bitches have Black Cravings.

Time after time you hear sluts like Sandy saying "Once you go black, you never go back." Well if you don’t believe her just check out this site called Its all about these dirty white sluts that  will do any thing for a big black cock.

They have endless amount of exclusive content of girls like Sandy sucking and fucking some of the biggest blackest cocks on the net. When I say the biggest I don’t mean your average black cocks either, they are all 12 inches and bigger.

These guys have so many girls wanting to be on the site, that they have to take on two of these horny bitches at once. That means that when you become a member of Black Cravings and you get your new weekly update, you will get to see 2 sluts instead of 1.

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