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Having sex with two hot girls is amazing. Having it with them and having it as kinky as can be is even better. In this installment we get to see the best of both worlds. A blonde and a brunette that are masters in the art of a foot job.

This video brings me back to my first ever foot job. It was with two girls in a hot tub. Our baseball team had just won a championship game and we were having a pool party. All of the other boys from the team were inside the house playing pool while I was outside in the hot tub with two girls. The girls were sisters of my teammates.

The girls spent a lot of time giggling with each other before I felt something bump into my leg. One of them had extended her foot over to me and she seemed to be looking for my cock. I pretended not to notice as I slunk down further into the water bringing my midsection closer to the girls.

Soon one of them found my cock which had begun to get hard at the prospect of getting some attention. Before I knew it they were both working my cock with their feet. I brought my own feet up to find their pussies. We were all bouncing and moving ourselves trying to find that sweet spot where everything felt devilishly ticklish.

The blonde girl was the first to cum followed by me and then the brunette. After cumming we all acted like nothing had happened. Some boys came out to get into the hot tub with us and we all laughed knowing they were about to get into a hot tub full of my cum.

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