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Why are cheating girls the best dates?


If you’re on a date you’ve arrange via an affair dating site and you had a choice between a girl who is not cheating and is completely single and cheating girls, which would you pick? If you know how the dating game works and you know how to work the system, you would pick cheating girls everyday, all day. Why? Cheating girls bring a lot of excitement to the table. When you’re dating a typical single woman, in many cases, she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. In many cases, if she’s younger she thinks that the whole world wants to bang her and she has really a big head.

Whatever her case may be, you’re going to be the unlucky recipient of all that unnecessary drama, ego and bullshit. It’s much better to just go for cheating girls because they’re already married. They know how the game works, and most importantly, there is a sense of danger and risk involved. Also, they get down to business. There’s none of that beating around the bush. In many cases, setting up a date with cheating girls is just as simple as agreeing to meet at a motel at a certain time, taking care of business and just in time for her to go pick up her kids after soccer practice.

This is why a lot of guys are convinced that these types of girls are the best dates. If you’re looking for dates that have absolutely no emotional strings attached, these types of women should be your target market. You get a lot of adventure, spice and excitement and none of the emotional baggage and drama. How awesome is that.