Shane Diesel’s Bangin Katie


Shane Diesel has a 10 inch cock that he loves to put to good use, let’s call it community service.  He is servicing young bitches like Katie Angel, that is the community service I wanted.

I guess you have to be the owner of a 10 inch cock like Shane Diesel, me and my 7 1/2 inches had to pick up garbage on the side of the freeway.  I think Katie Angel threw a can at my ass when she was driving by.   I’d still fuck her.

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Mr. Biggz – Bella Ling


Bella Ling is a sweet little Asian Masseur, it starts off innocent enough when she started he massage.  With Bella rubbing Mr. Biggz shoulders and back and having him turn over she was greeted with a huge cock.

That is pretty damn scary, I feel pretty good about the size of my cock.  But look at Mr. Biggz, he is about 9 inches to the bottom of his shaft, you know what that means?  Bella Ling already has 4 inches in her, you an me and every other regular Joe would even be tickling the the surface of her pussy.

So come with me and have a little penis envy, watch with amazement and wonder what it would be like to be Mr. Biggz.

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Did ya hear? There is a new network in town. Actually, it’s been around for a year now and it is literally killing the competition. The Porn Pros kind of remind me of Howard Stern. Their sites reflect the changing tide of porn, just like Howard changed morning radio for ever!

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Black Booty Invasion – Desiree


Desiree Dickson takes a big black cock at Black Booty Invasion, a place where things are big and black all over.  Who said things are bigger in Texas. 

So this appears to be a nice ride, Desiree is a nice light skinned black woman with lovely curves.  At Black Booty Invasion, we get to see this lucky brother go deep into the unknown.

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