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Mr. Biggz–featuring Paris Mayne


I don’t know about you but I think Paris Mayne looks like Kourtney Kardashian, I am sure that little bitch she is with never did it like Mr. Biggz though.

One of the amazing things when you look at this picture is not how stunning Paris Mayne is, but more importantly is the fact that Mr. Biggz is already 5 inches deep.  Yeah that’s right, 75% of the men in the world would already be balls deep, but not Mr. Biggz he is 5 in and 8 to go.

So if you are impressed by a 13 inch cock go and visit Mr. Biggz and see some of the other stars on his site, like Ramone and Shane Diesel.  

Mr. Biggz – Bella Ling


Bella Ling is a sweet little Asian Masseur, it starts off innocent enough when she started he massage.  With Bella rubbing Mr. Biggz shoulders and back and having him turn over she was greeted with a huge cock.

That is pretty damn scary, I feel pretty good about the size of my cock.  But look at Mr. Biggz, he is about 9 inches to the bottom of his shaft, you know what that means?  Bella Ling already has 4 inches in her, you an me and every other regular Joe would even be tickling the the surface of her pussy.

So come with me and have a little penis envy, watch with amazement and wonder what it would be like to be Mr. Biggz.

Mr Biggz – Bella Ling


Yeah… Fucky-fucky, sucky-sucky long time… Ain’t that right bitch? Now give me a clean shot on that cheek so I can bap you with my thick rhino cock!

Bella Ling is about as nasty as they come. So don’t you even start feeling sorry for this Asian bitch. She likes the rhino cock and she can’t get enough of it. That is why she is blowing on Mr Biggz man meat. She loves the taste of black-man-goo!

Mr Biggz isn’t the type that listens to a girl. He knows a whimper is like asking for more and a yelp is like saying, “Damn, that felt really good. Do it again, daddy!”

This guy has been racking up women so often he had to call in reinforcements. Now you get three huge cocks tapping hundreds of girls all on one site. Plus, members also get access to the entire network of over 20 sites!

When I say you get 20 sites I mean it. Real sites with content shot by the hottest porn producer on the planet. Take the Mr Biggz tour and see for yourself!