You know you’re not ready to hookup online when…

hookup for sex online

Thanks to the Internet, the world of dating has changed completely. Back in the bad old days, you have to go through all sorts of hoops, put up with all sorts of bullshit and often end up with substandard women. It really was quite hard on the nerves. This about it this way: there were lots of dating clubs and dating management consulting services that cost quite a bit of money. After paying thousands of dollars, many guys with high-paying jobs and a huge amount of assets often ended up being saddled with gold-digging bitches on one hand and emotional basket cases on the other. What gives?

Well, the databases used by those cases were quite informal and restricted to certain geographic or class-based lines. Whenever you have a small market or you have limited information, there will always be selective bias towards less optimal results. This is just a fancy statistician way of saying that you’re fucked. Well, the good news is, thanks to online resources and massive databases, you can kill all that selective bias goodbye. Instead of dealing with a small population pool, your list of prospective partners is almost infinite. This is especially true if you have a wide geographic range of women that you can comfortably date.

If you’re willing to get on a car and drive a hundred miles each way just to hookup, then you definitely have a lot more options than if you were only willing to drive one mile. I hope you see where I’m coming from. This is why the whole idea of hookup dating has seriously changed how people look at dating. It’s no longer something that they dread. It’s no longer something that they feel it’s unnecessarily expensive.

However promising the hooking up online via is, it has brought another set of problems to the table. Since the whole idea behind this type of dating is to hookup, you have to be very careful. If you’re not ready for it, chances are you might be causing more problems than you’re solving. I know you’re lonely. I know you want to feel validated and cared for, but you might not necessarily be looking at the right place.

You see, hookup dating sites are all about the hookup. In other words, it’s all about short, quick, anonymous physical intimacy. There are no emotional strings attached and it’s the last place you should be looking for in terms of emotional ties and romantic possibilities. Sure, romance can happen from time to time, but it’s mostly all about the physical hookup. You know you’re not ready for this type of dating if you are constantly comparing people you meet with your ex.

Another sign that you’re not ready is that you’re scared to death of being with strangers. Finally, if you are looking for a deep and lasting emotional bonds, it’s best to not use these types of websites. You probably might emotionally scar yourself if you’re not careful.