Women flocking to porn tubes in search of big cock porn

Big Cock Porn

With more and more women coming online via phones and tablet computers it is creating a stir in the porn industry. For decades the industry primarily focused on catering to men, but now that has to change with this sudden influx of big cock craving women.

Who are these women and how will they ultimately change the industry?

For the most part these women are your average, everyday ladies. Some are college girls exploring porn in ways never imagined before and others are housewives, business owners and trade workers looking for a sweet escape just the same as you!

Currently the changes being made are small in proportion to the wave of women coming online looking for porn. Some would argue the changes are too small. Most porn tubes are adding sections devoted to porn women would be more accustomed to watching, like softcore erotica. But that doesn’t mean the women aren’t branching out into the gonzo areas of sites where girls get throat stuffed or anal raped with two cocks at the same time.

Expect to see more porn sites coming online that are totally devoted to niches women enjoy most. You will also see more polls asking women point blank what they like and dislike about porn tubes.

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