Honeys from All Over the Globe

There’s another site I visited somewhat recently, that has actually been around for quite some time, which I still think is pretty idiotic. They also refer to themselves in terms of exotic and claim to feature exotic women.

Just to be clear, exotic literally means things that are from other places than where you are from and thus in the case of women it would be women from other countries. But which countries would that be then when you’re an internet site and the internet is global, i.e. in every country in the world.

Do you really think Indian women are exotic to Indian men, etc.?

Such are Americans though, geographically ignorant to the max.

This site though features absolutely all women, of all creeds, races and ethnicities and as such, it doesn’t matter where you are from there will both be women you are familiar with but importantly, the greater majority will be exotic to you, thus achieving the purpose.

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