Big Tits Like Big Dicks


Big Tits Like Big Dicks… and vice versa!

It is like some kind of animal magnetism. Some how, one way or another, a chick with a big set of tits ends up finding a guy with a big dick. Natural law of physics and relativity perhaps! Who cares about the science, it is fun to watch.

Melissa Lauren walks out of a bookstore and a well hung businessman notices her well-endowed chest. He can’t help himself and strikes up a conversation. Usually Melissa rebuffs advances from strangers on the street, but today something seems different. Could it be that huge bulge in his pants?

She has to investigate further.


Upon entering his home her big tits pop right out of her bra and his big cock pops right out of his pants. Talk about animal magnetism!

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Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks


If you want to see the true stories of the Real Wives of Orange County you need to go to the right place and that place is not on television. Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks is where you go when you want the real unabridged story of what really goes on when rich bitches marry for money!

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Like I said earlier, nothing is left out and these bitches are insane with lust for the cock. They consider facials par for the course and anal? That is just another way of saying “hello”.

And the best part?

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