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Shane Diesel – Daphne Flor


  Look at the cock on this horse, you know what they say once you go horse you never go back.  Ok Shane Diesel is not a horse, but his big cock looks like he stole it from a horse.

  Can you imagine your married to Daphne Flor, you get some good pussy before you go to work.  Then Shane Diesel pays her a visit in the afternoon, you come home worked up from the breakfast pussy and you experience the Grand Canyon of pussies that night.    

  Ok, it would suck to be that guy.  But for the rest of us, we get to enjoy watching Shane Diesel stretch out another pussy with his big cock.  I don’t know about you but my favorite memory of fucking a chick is when you feel that tight pussy wall stretch out around your cock. Shane Diesel gets that feeling every time, lucky bastard.

Mr. Biggz–featuring Paris Mayne


I don’t know about you but I think Paris Mayne looks like Kourtney Kardashian, I am sure that little bitch she is with never did it like Mr. Biggz though.

One of the amazing things when you look at this picture is not how stunning Paris Mayne is, but more importantly is the fact that Mr. Biggz is already 5 inches deep.  Yeah that’s right, 75% of the men in the world would already be balls deep, but not Mr. Biggz he is 5 in and 8 to go.

So if you are impressed by a 13 inch cock go and visit Mr. Biggz and see some of the other stars on his site, like Ramone and Shane Diesel.  

Shane Diesel – Emily Evermore


Shane Diesel, AKA Mr 10 inches.  Holly shit that is a big dick, watch as Emily Evermore screams never more as Shane Diesel puts it on her, in her and all over her.

I watched this video and I was in pain, oh what it would be like to have a big dick the size of a newborn.  Shane Diesel’s dick is almost as big as Emily’s face, watch as those big blue eyes get even bigger when she is getting fucked.

So go look on in amazement as Shane Diesel and his 10 inches just destroy yet another hot chick.  I sure am not going second, wouldn’t be able to touch the sides.