Big Cock Loving Teens–Dolly Darkley


One thing you don’t see very often in big cock sights, that is the chick taking it straight up the ass.  Well  little miss Dolly Darkley shows what a Big Cock Loving Teens can do, or take rather.

This cute little dark haired love takes a big cock and says do me dirty, lucky for this Big Cock Loving Teens this guy only has 9 inches, only as if.  Maybe that is why she decided to take it straight up her ass.  Ouch for her, oh yeah for us.

Shane Diesel – Daphne Flor


  Look at the cock on this horse, you know what they say once you go horse you never go back.  Ok Shane Diesel is not a horse, but his big cock looks like he stole it from a horse.

  Can you imagine your married to Daphne Flor, you get some good pussy before you go to work.  Then Shane Diesel pays her a visit in the afternoon, you come home worked up from the breakfast pussy and you experience the Grand Canyon of pussies that night.    

  Ok, it would suck to be that guy.  But for the rest of us, we get to enjoy watching Shane Diesel stretch out another pussy with his big cock.  I don’t know about you but my favorite memory of fucking a chick is when you feel that tight pussy wall stretch out around your cock. Shane Diesel gets that feeling every time, lucky bastard.

Cum Fiesta Bethany


To say that Bethany is a cock whore is an understand. This spicy Latin bitch is insatiable. She needs to feel cock in her hand. She needs to taste cock in her mouth. She needs cock pounded into her tight pussy. She even craves a little anal once in a while!

Haha‚Ķ I said little. There ain’t nothing little about the large cocks at Cum Fiesta. As part of the Reality Kings network it is demanded that all male talent have a large piece of meat. Something that will make spicy babes like Bethany scream!

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