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Honeys from All Over the Globe

There’s another site I visited somewhat recently, that has actually been around for quite some time, which I still think is pretty idiotic. They also refer to themselves in terms of exotic and claim to feature exotic women.

Just to be clear, exotic literally means things that are from other places than where you are from and thus in the case of women it would be women from other countries. But which countries would that be then when you’re an internet site and the internet is global, i.e. in every country in the world.

Do you really think Indian women are exotic to Indian men, etc.?

Such are Americans though, geographically ignorant to the max.

This site though features absolutely all women, of all creeds, races and ethnicities and as such, it doesn’t matter where you are from there will both be women you are familiar with but importantly, the greater majority will be exotic to you, thus achieving the purpose.

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Fucking a Friend’s Hot Girlfriend

These two fucking on this wooden patio bench reminded me of something I still feel bad about on occasion to this very day. And I bet this is next to a swimming pool too.

When I was in high school a couple of us friends skipped school one day and stayed at my place for the day and what a hot summer’s day it was. The plan was always to go swimming for the day and so we did.

All my friends left to go home early ion the afternoon as that was the time school would close and they needed to make it home in regular time as not to raise suspicion. All except for my one friend’s girlfriend, a pocket rocket blonde with an incredible pair of tits for a 17 year old.

I was oblivious to her intentions at first, we were just swimming after all but it wasn’t long after everyone else had left when she asked me to rub sunblock on her and while asking casually removed her bikini top.

Well you know what happened that afternoon.

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I’m Lucky Like That

First up, this girl calls herself Pocahontas Jones and she is going to be a big star so keep an eye out for her.

This pic is from the Reality Kings site called Pure 18 which then of course is focused on teen porn as the name clearly suggests. True to the network’s reputation the quality of absolutely everything is the best.

The teen models especially is off the charts. Where they find so many young girls as gorgeous as these willing and eager to get fucked on film is beyond me. I guess money still makes the world go ’round.

I love this genre, but then again I am very fortunate that I doing have a definitive or specific preference for any heterosexual genre. Granny stuff is where I draw the line but a beautiful cougar, MILF or teen are equally appealing to me.

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That Might Leave a Mark

I consider myself quite lucky when it comes cock size. I’m not bragging, in fact I’m not even saying it is huge. It isn’t small either.

The lucky part I guess is that it is usually just right. I’ve never felt like I’m trying to throw a sausage down a passage and have never not been able to get it in even if a bit of lube is needed.

What I saw here after taking up a Monster Cock Madness discount is surely just for the slutty pornstar variety right? And then perhaps not even all of them.

I’d like to think talents were handed out at kiosks and that you could choose anyone to start off with before moving to the next one. The closer you were to the front of the queue the better quality you were blessed with.

These guys must have taken a sprint straight to the cocks queue.